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TRAK Training & Mentoring
Posted: 11 August 2010 03:50 PM  
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TRAK (The Rail Architecture Framework) started off within the rail industry but is a general enterprise architecture framework that allows systems of any sort to be modelled together with their place in the world.

It has it’s roots in MODAF but because TRAK is small and user-centric it is rapidly taking off and being used in all sorts of applications where system-thinking is important.

Training and mentoring is available from the “horse’s mouth” ... who co-created TRAK and wrote the book. The Course content/structure/detail tailored to the client’s needs to suit their purpose and experience whether you just want to find out more, you want to start modelling using TRAK or you have a particular angle/problem in mind.

Priority support available to trainees.

Mentoring also available ... we’ve all been there!

See http://eclectica-systems.co.uk/index.php/company/training_trak_enterprise_architecture_framework


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