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Forum Structure - Right Ball Park?

Posted: 13 January 2010 08:10 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The structure and set of discussion forums represents the first stab or best guess at what I thought would be useful. They are, however, only my thoughts so I could be completely wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. Anyway, in the best tradition of of open source I thought it’s best to get things moving rather than theorise and wait for perfection!

The intent is to try and capture the entire scope of the architectural modelling activity. The ‘system of interest’ has to involve the framework definition - that’s essential, but it also has to include the people, the tools and the environment (business and otherwise) around the framework. All too often this seems to be ignored. If we think of it as a system then a lot of the problems revolve around the interface with the Mk1 Human Being - what is the affordance, visibility of the framework implementation? Is the end product easy to understand and easy to navigate around? How/ do we prepare for collaborating with others? Are we any good at re-use and extension?

The point I’m making is there is much more than the definition of any one framework.

Are there other areas that are missing from the forum structure? There might well be other frameworks e.g. from Australia and these can easily (and willingly) be added if you think there’s a need.

It’s a start…

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