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SIte Wiki Now Live

Posted: 25 February 2010 10:34 PM   [ Ignore ]
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After a long time - some months - of effort the wiki has got to the point where it’s sensible to let it loose.

It has something over 200 pages (a devil to keep consistent) and there’s inevitably a lot of explanation to support the recent release of TRAK. It does have a comparison between TRAK and MODAF 1.2 and sections for MODAF, DODAF, NAF as well as for the modelling process.

Any site member can add content as with the rest of this site - if you don’t see the page you wanted help create it!

There’s lots still to do both in terms of content and adding functionality
* wiki page heading links
* linking the wiki to the discussion forums so that comments can be made on each page


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