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Consolidation of Constraints Viewpoints (OVp-07 & SVp-10) to Describe Application of Requirements in Any TRAK Perspective

Posted: 31 March 2010 08:43 PM   [ Ignore ]
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From the Project News section of the TRAK Viewpoints site on Sourceforge:

Constraints Viewpoints Under Review

Currently there are 2 architecture viewpoints that address constraints OVp-07 (Operational Constraints) and SVp-10 (Solution Constraints). In addition there is the MVp-03 Standards viewpoint. What happens if you want to show requirements applying to the enterprise or capability? Indeed!

On balance therefore it seems better to have a single viewpoint for requirements rather than have 1 for each TRAK perspective. It looks likely therefore as if this should be the MV-03 Standards which does allow Requirements to be shown and there is a relationship between Standard and Standard.

If decided this will remove the OVp-07 and SVp-10, cause the MVp-03 to be redefined slightly (probably ‘Requirements & Standards’ in keeping with the aim of including the metamodel stereotype name of prime focus in the viewpoint name wherever possible). It will also affect the TRAK Master Views and therefore the minimum allowed view sets.

It does, however, provide the flexibility to define requirements in any perspective and eliminate 2 viewpoints.

As Requirement can be applied to any type of element in an AD (model) it is likely that ‘capability requirements’ or constraints will occur and similarly for the Procurement Perspective with Projects and Project Activities. Since the MVp-03 already does something similar for Standard (which can also be applied to any element) it seems to be more consistent to bed both of these into the one viewpoint - the MVp-03. There seems to be little point in essentially replicating very similar views.

This will leave TRAK with 22 viewpoints (and therefore views). For comparison the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) has 50 subviews and MODAF has 46 views.

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