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TRAK Group Created on LinkedIn

Posted: 30 July 2010 07:13 PM   [ Ignore ]
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It’s been a busy week. Yesterday saw the first meeting of the TRAK Steering Group in London chaired by the Department for Transport. No doubt more on that in another post.

Partly because everyone seems to do it and because it makes sense group has been created on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3256940) where topics concerning TRAK can be aired.

This in no way replaces any of the TRAK discussion forums on Sourceforge ( http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/trakviewpoints/ and http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/trakmetamodel/ ) since LinkedIn is a closed community - you can’t see it in a search engine and you ahve to be a member - and TRAK is very much about keeping people informed and involved and the placed to get involved in shaping TRAK is very definitely on Sourceforge, not LinkedIn.

It just seemed sensible to provide another means for folks to chat and also to discover TRAK that perhaps don’t use Sourceforge - it takes all sorts to make the world tick! wink


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