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Test Model
Model Name Test Model
Model Purpose

The purpose of this is to test the registry function and layout. Usually the model or architecture description will be produced in response to a task which addresses concerns. This forms part of the scope and determines the coverage and types of views developed.

Tags architecture descriptionmodeltest


Model Perspectives/Viewpoints

DODAF - Capability Viewpoint (CV), DODAF - Operational Viewpoint (OV), DODAF - Project Viewpoint (PV), DODAF - Systems Viewpoint (SV), DODAF - Services Viewpoint (SvcV), DODAF - Data and Information Viewpoint (DIV), DODAF - Standards Viewpoint (StdV), DODAF - All Viewpoint (AV), MODAF - Strategic Viewpoint (StV), MODAF - Operational Viewpoint (OV), MODAF - Acquisition Viewpoint (AcV), MODAF - System Viewpoint (SV), MODAF - SOA Viewpoint, MODAF - Technical Standards Viewpoint (TV), MODAF - All Views Viewpoint (AV), NAF - NATO All View (NAV), NAF - NATO Capability View (NCV), NAF - NATO Operational View (NOV), NAF - NATO Programme View (NPV), NAF - NATO Service-Oriented View (NSOV), NAF - NATO Systems View (NSV), NAF - NATO Technical View (NTV), TRAK - Capability Perspective (CV), TRAK - Operational Perspective (OV), TRAK - Procurement Perspective (PrV), TRAK - Solution Perspective (SV), TRAK - Management Perspective (MV)

Model Views


TRAK::CV-01 Enterprise Goal, TRAK::CV-02 Capability Hierarchy, TRAK::OV-01 Operational Need, TRAK::OV-03 Operational Item Exchange, TRAK::SV-01 Solution Structure, TRAK::SV-02 Solution Resource Interaction, TRAK::MV-01 Architecture Description Dictionary, TRAK::MV-02 Architecture Description Design Record


This is where the description of the architecture model goes. It provides an outline.

Date Saturday 13 March, 2010 - 15:17 GMT
License GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Modelling Tool Used

Enterprise Architect

Model Exchange Format

XMI 2.1.1

Model Location URI http:..
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