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Brake Fast in Emergency by Sleepertrack (Humour)

by Maestoso on Tuesday 05 October, 2010 - 13:52 GMT

Posted in Fun

Tags: architectureconcerthumourlondonsong

Album cover from Breakfast in America by Supertramp

Made the mistake in mentioning in an email to Colin Wood that I was off to see Supertramp at the O2 in London tomorrow (which dates me I know and what’s worse is that I first saw them in London whilst a student but have no recollection of it, hence the second attempt).  Colin quickly replied adding the following:

By the way don’t you look at my framework

It’s the only one I got.

Not much of a framework

I never seem to get a lot (of consistency)


realising that this was from Breakfast in America I had to add my own contribution

Take a viewpoint ‘cross the business

Like to see the whole thing

See the Systems and dependencies

We’re hoping it’s going to come true

But there’s not a lot we can do

Now if anyone has better versions of these verses or has more verses to add (of an enterprise architectural nature) to this or any other Supertramp song (I’m thinking of The Logical Song) please get in touch!


A total of 2 comments have been made. :


-author: Maestoso

-date: Tue, 5 October 2010

-time: 06:30pm

-IP address: **logged**

Could we have Capabilities for Enterprise?
Function Head, Function head
They got to have ‘em in Transport
Cos everyone’s a strategist

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-author: Mr Stuff

-date: Wed, 13 October 2010

-time: 10:55am

-IP address: **logged**

The Illogical Song (as ~requested). Unpolished but serviceable… the engineering ethic.

When we began, it seemed the goal was achievable
Reasonable, it would be hard but it was feasible.
And all the Shalls in the spec, well they seemed clear and dependable,
Structured hierarchically, sensibly.
But then they set me to work and told me I had to model them
Relationships, Properties, Entities.
And I looked for a scheme that would allow me to capture them
factor them, (oh) inherit them, package them.

There are times when scope begins to creep
The learning curve’s too steep
For such a simple plan.
Can’t you please, please tell me what it means
It’s not now what it seemed

Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you incompetent
Ignorant, or a recidivist - get the gist?
Won’t you join in the game, we’d like to call you
Our architect, you just have to show respect, genuflect.

After five, when management’s gone home
The learning curve’s too steep
For such a simple plan.
Can’t you please, please tell me what it means
It’s never what it seemed
What it seemed (x3)

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