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Building Knowledge of the World, in Small Steps - “Wikitecture”

by Nic Plum on Saturday 02 January, 2010 - 13:45 GMT

Posted in Architecture FrameworkTRAKArchitecture Modelling

Tags: evolveknowledgetrakwiki

One of the purpose in standardising architecture models is making it easier to share. This isn’t the whole story, however, if all we end up doing is starting afresh or recreating models. The point of re-use isn’t just financial (although it saves money) - it’s that it allows us to add to what has been modelled before.

If everyone keeps adding to the model what we are effectively adding is knowledge through the elements and relationships. If many organisations or individuals add to the model(s) we have the modelling equivalent of a wiki - hence the term “wikitecture”. This makes much more sense that hiding models behind corporate walls.

If anyone is interested in adding to the demo model or wants part of it to develop using TRAK then please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
- it’ll be open source. I have some ideas in terms of how this might work using open source code repositories.


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