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Inaugral TRAK Steering Group Meeting Planned

by Nic Plum on Friday 16 July, 2010 - 13:13 GMT

Posted in Architecture FrameworkTRAKNewsStandards

Tags: londonmeetingstandardstrategytrak

TRAK LogoAs TRAK gains traction and chuffs its way into the daylight .... [groan]

As a standard for an enterprise architecture framework TRAK is in its forming phase wherein we try to set out the mechanisms to control the releases of the formal documentation and to involve people. The very first part of this is to try and get the TRAK Steering Group established so that it can subsequently co-ordinate proposals made by TRAK Working Groups (remembering that it is being run along the lines [snuck another pun in wink ] of the Internet Engineering Task Force).

The TRAK Steering Group will be chaired by the UK Department for Transport and the first meeting is to be held on the 29th July 2010 at Great Minster House, London 11:00 to 13:00. The main subject is concerned with getting the necessary governance mechanisms/instruments in place.

Part of this will involve developing a strategy for which an trakmetamodel and trakviewpoints documents that form the logical definition of TRAK.

It is still being worked on and is far from complete but the thought was to try and get it out into the open to promote discussion, attract suggestions in terms of the points it should make and provide some of the reading material for those attending the meeting.

The outline strategy is being worked on.

If anyone has constructive suggestions for what should be in the document now is the time to say so!

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