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Putting the Architectural Modelling Community First - What You Can Expect to See

by Nic Plum on Saturday 02 January, 2010 - 14:03 GMT

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Tags: blogforumfunplansitestructurewiki

This current site is really only a interim site. What is intended is a site that properly supports the folks using TRAK or other MDAF-based architecture frameworks and one which represents the ethos behind it:-

  • pragmatic - led by need and application - the human interface to the framework (usability, affordance etc.)
  • open - decisions, rationale, explanation
  • democratic - involve the community in the site content rather than broadcast top down what I/we think folks need. The centre of gravity ought to be with the users rather than the specifiers-of the framework
  • fun - why not? Systems thinkers/engineers and architects are real, dare I say it ‘whole’ people and all sides need to be addressed
  • dynamic - the content needs to be able to change and adapt to new circumstances, thinking or practice

What You Might Expect

The features that you should expect to see are:-

  • each section of the site is a ‘blog’
    • articles can be discussed and commented on by site members
    • updates notified by RSS news feeds
  • articles can be linked together, tagged, put into categories and dynamically sorted/displayed and searched for by users
  • discussion forums
    • tool support
    • use of architecture frameworks
    • modelling / repository organisation - not governed by frameworks but important and common to all
  • architects can submit examples of views to help others
  • wiki to hold facts on architecture frameworks e.g. metamodel elements, use of UML tools, tips, plugins etc.
  • single sign-on to comment, add a forum discussion or to add to the wiki
  • everyone can see everything - nothing hidden
    • only site members can contribute or comment - contributors and commenters recognised and stand up to the mark!
  • fun / anarchic humour
    • the lighter side
    • not taking life too seriously


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