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The Architect’s Playlist

by Nic Plum on Friday 15 January, 2010 - 21:59 GMT

Posted in Fun

Tags: funhumourplaylist

iTunes PlaylistLife isn’t all stereotypes and shape-shovelling. Oh no! We all need some light relief from time to time. For no good reason I can think of apart from devilment I thought it would be a break to think about a playlist that would be suitable for those engaged in the art and craft of architectural modelling.

Whilst working at the the Integration Authority Malvern Architecture Lab I had an idea that we could take Peter Seegar’s ‘Little Boxes’ and turn it into The Deployment Song. All I needed was some time to come up with some lyrics. A fellow partner in crime, Julian, thought it a good idea and he was going to have a go being the artistic and creative type. Of course we never got around to it. Too many ideas and too little time - seems to be a constant theme.

Right then, for starters in the style of that old BBC Radio 4 classic - ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a View’:

  • Little Boxes - Pete Seegar
  • Any Colour You Like (well before the UPDM kicks in) - Pink Floyd
  • Back to Basics - The Shapeshifters
  • Don’t You Want Me AV - The Human League
  • Conversations With 2 Tools - Genesis
  • Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants
  • Wired for Sound (bound to be on a SV)- Cliff Richard
  • Somewhere Along the Line - Mike and the Mechanics

Of course there may well be others.

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