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Tom Graves / Tetradian Commentary on TRAK

by Nic Plum on Monday 16 August, 2010 - 11:45 GMT

Posted in Architecture FrameworkTRAKNews

Tags: bloglinkedintrak

At the risk of descending into the BBC’s habit of trailing their own programmes ...
Tom Graves/Tetradian Blog masthead

Thanks to a post from Rich Hilliard on the TRAK group on LinkedIn I came across Tom’s article on his blog about TRAK, posted on Saturday titled ‘How to get enterprise-architecture on TRAK’:

At last – at last – there’s now a ‘framework for enterprise-architecture’ that’s actually worthy of that title. ...

Although in a few places this does show its physical-engineering heritage, in effect this is a generic high-level metamodel suitable for use in enterprise-architectures for any type of organisation. (This is a very important contrast to the metamodels in TOGAF or even in Archimate [Business, Application and Technology layers], which at present are effectively usable only for IT-centric architectures in information-oriented enterprises such as banks, finance, insurance and the like.) ...

and it finishes

Anyway, definitely worth a detailed look. Even from a fairly cursory review to date, my own strong opinion is that for TOGAF-type architecture-developments that could touch any space beyond IT, we should all standardise on something like this as a base-metamodel, rather than the as-yet unusably-incomplete one provided in the TOGAF 9 specification.

Recommended – very recommended.

Not all bad then! wink


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