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From NASA:

The CDR demonstrates that the maturity of the design is appropriate to support proceeding with full-scale fabrication, assembly, integration, and test. CDR determines that the technical effort is on track to complete the ... system development and mission operations, meeting mission performance requirements within the identified cost and schedule constraints.


The Critical Design review follows on from the successful completion of the Preliminary Design Review. It assesses the design maturity in more detail against requirements and looks at the design definition including interfaces and suitability to proceed with assembly, integration and testing.


The CDR follows the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

The Production Readiness Review(PRR) follows the CDR.

Applicable Architecture Products

Requirement/Design Traceability

The following could be used to trace the design to requirements:
• TRAK:: MV-03 Requirements & Standards View for user and requirements,
• TRAK::SV-01 Solution Structure, TRAK::SV-02 Solution Resource Interaction View, TRAK::SV-05 Solution Function to Operational Activity Mapping View for traceability of the solution to the operational (logical) requirements


The following could be used to show interfaces:
• TRAK::SV-02 Solution Resource Interaction View, MODAF::SV-1 Resource Interaction Specification, MODAF::SV-2a System Port Specification, MODAF::SV-2b - System to System Port Connectivity Description, MODAF::SV-2c - System Connectivity Clusters, MODAF::SV-3 Resource Interaction Matrix for the describing system interfaces.
• TRAK::SV-03 Resource Interaction to Function Mapping View for justification of interfaces


• NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements w/Change 1 (11/04/09)

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