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CV-01 Overview and Summary Information Subview

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1.6 See DNDAF Release History


The CV-01 subview is part of the DNDAF Common View.

The Common View-1 (CV-1): Overview and Summary Information provides executive-level summary information in a consistent form that allows quick reference and comparison among architectures. The CV- 1 includes the purpose, scope, assumptions and constraints that may affect high-level decision processes involving the architecture.


The CV-1 is the Executive Summary of the architecture effort. It provides a description in terms of purpose, scope, context, lessons learned, organizations involved and tools and file formats used to develop sub-views. The CV-1 is intended to be a living document that is updated throughout the project, it communicates the status of the architecture effort.


To clearly understand the architecture there must be a statement of what the architecture is expected to accomplish. The CV-1 provides this understanding. There is also a need for a “living” document that is a single source of information on the status and ultimately the results of the architecture development effort. CV-1 also fulfills this role.



The Overview and Summary Information is an executive-level summary of an architecture effort in a consistent form that allows quick reference and high-level understanding of the subject matter.

Detailed Description

The CV-1 sub-view sets the scope and context of the architecture. The scope includes the type of architecture and time frame for the architecture. The setting in which the architecture exists comprises the interrelated conditions that compose the context for the architecture. This includes goals and vision statements.

The CV-1 is one of the most critical sub-views as it sets the scope for the architecture project. Without a clear understanding of the architectural scope a great deal of time and effort will be wasted. The CV-1 provides the background, purpose, and assumptions and constraints that will guide the work as it progresses. The CV-1 is updated throughout the architecture project to reflect the changes as it is developed. The initial version will focus the effort and document its scope, the organizations involved, and so on. After other sub-views within the architecture’s scope have been developed and verified, the CV-1 is updated to document adjustments to the scope and to other architecture aspects that may have been identified as a result of the architecture development. After the architecture has been used for its intended purpose, and the appropriate analysis has been completed, the CV-1 is finalized to summarize these findings for the high-level decision makers. The CV-1 sub-view and the corresponding OV-1 sub-view serve as the executive summary for the architecture project.

Subview DADM Elements

The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:




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See Figure 2.3.1 in DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Volume 4 - User Guide





There are no prerequisite sub-views. The CV-1 is the first sub-view to be prepared for any architecture.

See DNDAF Subview Dependencies



Potentially confusing use of ‘architecture’ since in most cases here it probably means ‘architecture model’ (or description) rather than the real-life architecture that is being represented and analysed. The confusion occurs because the CV-1 will deal with both the model, its purpose, what it sets out to do as well as the analysis using the model (description) and recommendations concerning the real-life architecture itself.

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