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The DNDAF Capability View is one of the 8 DNDAF Views*.

DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Version 1.7, Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views, section 2.5:

The Capability View (CapV) captures the enterprise goals associated with the overall vision to achieve a desired effect. CapV supports the process of analyzing and optimizing the delivery of capabilities in line with DND/CF strategic intent through combinations of means and ways to perform a set of tasks or activities. The activity is augmented with data and measures of effectiveness to enable the analysis of capability gaps and overlaps. The CapV further details the dependencies between capabilities, enabling capability options to be built in a more coherent manner and effective trade-offs to be conducted across DND/CF common funded programmes.

The Capability View is composed of sub-views. The models within the sub-views address the concerns of Capability Portfolio Managers to capture the increasingly complex relationships between interdependent projects and capabilities. The sub-views are an essential component of an enterprise architecture framework to provide support to various decision processes within the DND/CF.

The concept of Capability allows one to answer questions such as :

  • How does a particular capability or capabilities support the overall mission/vision?
  • What outcomes are expected to be achieved by a particular capability or set of capabilities?
  • What services are required to support a capability?
  • What is the functional scope of a capability or set of capabilities?
  • What is the current set of capabilities that are managed as part of a portfolio?

This view comprises two main areas :

  • Capability Taxonomy; and
  • Capability Scenario Analysis Matrix.

The DNDAF Capability View in DNDAF has the following 2 sub views:

This is similar to part of the DODAF Capability Viewpoint.

There are in 36 subviews* defined in the DNDAF.

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1.7 see DNDAF Release History.

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1.7 - new view

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