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SV-1 Systems Interface Description Subview

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1.6 See DNDAF Release History


The SV-1 subview is part of the DNDAF System View.

The System View-1 (SV-1): System Interface Description is required to represent the distribution of the systems in use throughout the nodes as defined in OV-2 for the architecture project. This view provides a descriptive and visual representation of all the systems interfaces of relevance to this architecture.


The purpose of SV-1 is to provide a holistic view of the systems distribution throughout all the nodes under consideration and to expose the interface components between these systems. There is no limit of how the business users may use this view for their specific purpose that is related to these systems.


The existence of disparate and heterogeneous systems within DND/CF makes it very difficult to provide an optimal support and accurate analysis of the current state. Therefore planning and developing new approaches for the desired future state is very complex and difficult to manage. To facilitate this analysis, the content of the SV-1 sub-view maps the operational views represented in OV-2 and OV-3 from the system perspective and at the node level.



The System Interface Description depicts systems nodes and the systems resident at those nodes to support organizational/role nodes of the Operational Node Connectivity Description (OV-2). The System Interface Description also identifies the interfaces between systems nodes, between systems, and between the components of the systems.

Detailed Description

The System Interface Description links together the operational and systems architecture views by depicting the assignments of systems (and their interfaces) to the operational nodes (and their associated need lines) described in OV-2. The OV-2 depicts the operational nodes, while the SV-1 depicts the corresponding systems resident at those nodes. A component denotes a hardware or software item. Systems, subsystems, or component standards are documented in this sub-view where applicable.

In addition to depicting systems nodes and systems, the Systems Interface Description also focuses on systems interfaces. An interface is a simplified, abstract representation of a communications link between systems nodes, or between systems (including communications systems), usually depicted graphically as a straight line. An interface may represent multiple physical communications links (i.e., multiple physical connections). The Systems Interface Description depicts all interfaces that are of interest for the architecture purpose. Details of the physical links and networks that implement the interfaces are documented in the SV-2 Systems Communication Description. Details of the data carried by an interface are documented in the SV-6 Systems Data Exchange Matrix.

An interface between systems nodes or systems may further be annotated as a Key Interface (KI). A KI is defined as an interface where one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • The interface spans organizational boundaries.
  • The interface is mission critical.
  • The interface is difficult or complex to manage.
  • There are operational capability, interoperability, or efficiency issues associated with the interface.

If desired, annotations summarizing the data carried by an interface may be added to the Systems Interface Description.

Several versions of the Systems Interface Description can be developed to highlight different architectural elements. For example, an inter-nodal version of the sub-view describes systems nodes and the interfaces between them. An intra-system version describes subsystems of a single system and the interfaces among them. Other versions may also be developed, depending on the purposes of the particular architecture.

Subview DADM Elements

The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:




  • graphical and descriptive representation.



  • p83 Figure 3.15.1 in DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF)  Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views


The OV-2 is the prerequisite for this sub-view:

  • OV-2.Sets the scope of the systems to be considered.

Although the OV-3 is not a mandatory prerequisite for this sub-view, it should be considered as a constant reference during the development process of the SV-1. The IER (Information Exchange Requirements) that are represented in the OV-3 play an important role in developing the SV-1 interfaces.


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