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The DNDAF Strategic View is one of the 8 DNDAF Views*.

DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Version 1.7, Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views, section 2.4:

Business Architecture development is a rapidly growing domain. This overview provides a look at strategy and the architect and strategist initial engagements for development of and use of enterprise architecture descriptions.

Architects are called upon in the early stages of strategic business discussions to support the strategist and engage in business and architecture discussions. The architect has a role to inform the discussion, conceive designs, and represent and develop the architecture. The discussion may include questions regarding vision and objectives, reputation or image, risks and opportunities, stakeholder concerns, projections about cost and requirements, and value propositions. A value proposition is the unique mix of product, price, service, relationship and image that a business offers its customers. The architect provides representations and structures that guide strategic input to the rest of the architecture.

The strategist identifies strategic issues through several assessments of the business context. The risks and opportunities reviewed in the business context and identified as issues, are addressed as strategic goals and are used to identify the desired outcomes. The strategic plan is formulated to prioritize these issues and respond with a plan of action.

The overall purpose of the Strategic View (StratV) is to guide the architect in the strategic business discussion to support the use of the enterprise architecture. It will provide common points of reference in the area of strategy to support the discussion.

This view comprises one main area :

  • Business Strategy and Motivation

By understanding the strategic perspective, the architect can contribute knowledge and understanding to the discussion, while identifying what architecture components are available and will be required.

The DNDAF Strategic View in DNDAF has the following 1 sub views:

This is similar to part of the DODAF Capability Viewpoint.

There are in 36 subviews* defined in the DNDAF.

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1.7 see DNDAF Release History.

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1.7 - new view

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