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The DNDAF Operational View is one of the 8 DNDAF Views*.

DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Version 1.7, Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views, section 2.7:

The System View (SV) is a set of graphical and textual products that describes systems, families of systems and their interconnections providing for, or supporting, DND/CF functions. The SV associates system resources with the Operational View. These system resources support the operational activities and facilitate the exchange of information among operational nodes. The SV is considered the central piece to the enterprise architecture. The goal of Enterprise Architecture is to define system architectures that enable DND/CF to provide the effective and efficient support in completing its business and operational functions.

This view comprises nine main areas:

  • Systems Interconnection,
  • Systems Communications Requirements,
  • System to System Matrices,
  • Systems Functions,
  • Systems Mappings,
  • Systems Data Exchange Requirements,
  • System Performance Parameters,
  • Systems Evolution and Technology,
  • Logical Data Models of SV data requirements and rules.

The System View describes the systems of concern and the connections among those systems in context with the OV. The SV may be used for many purposes, including systems baselining, making decisions concerning cost-effective ways to satisfy operational requirements, and evaluating interoperability improvements.

The DNDAF System View in DNDAF has the following 13 sub views:

This set is similar to that in the DODAF Systems Viewpoint.

There are in 36 subviews* defined in the DNDAF.

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