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The DNDAF Technical View is one of the 8 DNDAF Views*.

DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) Version 1.7, Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views, section 2.8:

The Technical View (TV) describes a profile of the minimal set of standards governing the implementation, arrangement, interaction, and interdependence of systems. The appropriate use of the TV is to promote efficiency and interoperability through defined standards and to ensure that developers can adequately plan for evolution.

A compendium of technical standards has been compiled within the Defence Technical Standards List (DTSL) that will be used as a reference architecture in the creation of the technical sub views.

The DTSL defines current and emerging technical standards as well as those standards that are obsolete or should not be used. The DTSL greatly assists the system architect and designers in the development of technical solutions by ensuring a standard approach to use of technology across the enterprise, improving interoperability and reducing total costs of ownership.

This view comprises two main areas:

  • Standards Profile; and
  • Standards Forecast

The Technical View (TV) in DNDAF has the following 2 sub views:

This set is similar to that in the DODAF Standards Viewpoint.

There are in 36 subviews* defined in the DNDAF.

Configuration History

1.7 - changes name of TV-1 and adds TV-2 Standards Forecast Subview

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