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1.6 See DNDAF Release History


The IV-1 subview is part of the DNDAF Information View.

The Information View-1 (IV-1): Strategic Information Model describes a list of things that are important to strategic planners or business owners. These things are the essential elements within a specific domain or subject area, such as Capability, Information and Event. In this model, we call these elements Key Business Entities (KBEs). For example, in a Missile Guidance System, the KBEs can be Target, Sensor, Missile, Command Centre, and Missile Guidance System. The IV-1 captures the business knowledge and translates the requirements into business rules. It describes the things required by the business functions needed to accomplish the mission at the conceptual level, by using graphical diagrams.


To clearly define the strategic requirement for information within the architecture and to ensure that only the appropriate strategic information that meets the mission of the architecture are collected and used. In addition, the IV-1 will identify the source of this information (internal or external).


When the business architects require a set of reusable KBEs to help them to build architecture, they can select the best KBEs from the existing DND/CF Architecture Registry and Repository System (DARRS) or an authoritative external sources. A KBE is supported by a set of well-defined characteristics for a given purpose. Business Architects have the option to define new KBEs if they don’t exist in the DARRS. This sub-view should help to promote standards as a result of developers selecting the best KBEs available from different sources.

The KBEs in the IV-1 will be transformed from the conceptual level into the logical level through the development of the Logical Data Model (OV-7).



The Strategic Information Model is a high level conceptual model, which provides an architecture wide view of the information content.

Detailed Description

The Strategic Information Model provides the highest level of concept specification. It communicates these concepts to business managers in a clear and understandable manner. The Strategic Information Model describes key business entities, which are the key elements in providing context for interoperability between architectures. Each architecture will be guided by the key business entities included in the Strategic Information Model. Business management can then validate the key business entities.

Subview DADM Elements

The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:



  • graphical diagram



  • p153 Figure 3.29.1 in DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF)  Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views


The CV-1 and OV-1 are prerequisites for this sub-view:

  • CV-1: Required in order to understand the scope of the architecture. e.g. entity ‘architecture, business-driver, geographic-area, governance-element’.
  • OV-1: Required in order to depict requirements for the breadth of operations, and detailed information on the scenario, which is critical to the specification and evaluation of capability. e.g. entity ‘capability-scenario, reference-to-graphic’.

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