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SV-5 Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix Subview

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The SV-5 subview is part of the DNDAF System View.

The System View-5 (SV-5): Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix is a sub-view of DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF) System View. While the SV-5 shows what operational activities, as defined in OV-5 series for the architecture project, are mapped to systems function, more importantly, it reveals which operational activities do not correspond to any systems function.


At the planner level, the matrix depicts the mapping between the operational activities and systems, and thus identifies the transition of an operational activity into a planned or fielded system. This planner-level matrix allows decision makers to quickly identify stove piped systems, redundant/duplicative systems, gaps in functionality, and possible future investment strategies all in accordance with the time stamp given to the architecture project.

At the owner level, the matrix maps of operational activities to system functions, and identifies the transformation of an operational need into a purposeful system action.

The Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix correlates “how” data elements from the planner or owner level of detail to the designer or builder level of detail, respectively.


The alignment and the association of the operational activities with systems function have shown that the correlation among the activities and system functions is very important for transforming the operational requirements into system specifications. The representation of operational activities with regards to system functions is not clear and becomes ambiguous when the need rises to identify the operational activities that are not supported by the existing systems functions. Hence comes the need for representing this association through the SV-5 sub-view.



An Operational Activity to System Function Traceability Matrix is a specification of the relationships between the set of operational activities and the set of system functions applicable to that architecture project.

Detailed Description

The DNDAF uses the terms activity in the sub-views of the Operational View and function in the System View to refer to essentially the same sort of thing – both activities and functions are tasks that are performed, accept inputs, and develop outputs. Typical systems engineering practices use both of these terms, often interchangeably. However, given the use of activities on the operational side and functions on the systems side, and the fact that operational nodes do not map one-to-one to system nodes (generally), it is natural that operational activities do not map one-to-one to system functions. Therefore, this sub-view forms an integral part of the eventual complete mapping from operational missions to systems performance requirements.

The Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix is an explicit link between the functions defined in OV-5a and the system functions defined in SV-4.

A key element of operational requirement traceability is the relation of system functions and operational activities to systems and operational requirements. Populating the SV-5 matrix provides this traceability.

Subview DADM Elements

The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:




  • table/matrix
  • UML sequence diagram

The mappings between operational requirements and systems can be derived from the mappings between operational activities and system functions or vice versa. A stoplight coloured circle may be used to indicate the status of the system support that describes each mapping between an operational activity and the supporting system. Red may suggest activity planned but not developed. Yellow may indicate partial activity provided or full activity provided but system has not been fielded. Green also may indicate full functionality provided and system fielded.

The relationship between operational activities and systems can be expected to be “many-to-many.”



  • p111 Figure 3.19.1 in DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF)  Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views


The SV-4 and OV-5a are the prerequisites for this sub-view:

  • SV-4. Function Traceability Matrix is derived from Systems Functionality Description.
  • OV-5a. Provides business functions that are or will be described and mapped into systems functions.


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