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SV-8 Systems Evolution Description Subview

Version & Date

1.6 See DNDAF Release History


The SV-8 subview is part of the DNDAF System View.

The System View-8 (SV-8): Systems Evolution Description represents systems evolution over time.


The SV-8, when linked together with other evolution sub-views such as the SV-9 and the TV-1, provides a clear definition of how the architecture and its systems are expected to evolve over time. In this manner, the SV-8 can be used as an architecture evolution project plan or transition plan.


The SV-8 provides a transition plan to evolve a system or family of systems over time. This plan may accommodate changes to the scope and capabilities of a system, or changes to the technical components that enable or support more efficient/effective functionality.



The Systems Evolution Description captures evolution plans that describe how the system, or the architecture in which the system is embedded, will evolve over a lengthy period of time. Generally, the timeline milestones are critical for a successful understanding of the evolution timeline.

Detailed Description

The SV-8 describes plans for modernizing system functions over time. Such efforts typically involve the characteristics of evolution (spreading in scope while increasing functionality and flexibility) or migration (incrementally creating a more streamlined, efficient, smaller, and cheaper suite) and will often combine the two thrusts. This sub-view builds on other sub-views and analyses in that planned capabilities and information requirements that relate to performance parameters of SV-7 and technology forecasts of SV-9 are accommodated in this sub-view.

This sub-view is supported by, and should be consistent with, the requirements defined in the operational views as well as the forecasts documented in the System Technology Forecast (SV-9) and Standards Profile (TV-1) sub-views.

Subview DADM Elements

The DADM entities and attributes provided below are the elements that this sub-view is responsible for creating:




  • any suitable means of showing time progression


From section 3.22.7, volume 2:

The SV-8 can be represented using two generic templates: system evolution and system migration. If the architecture describes a communications infrastructure, then a planned evolution or migration of communications systems, communication links, and their associated standards can also be described in this sub-view.



  • p124 Figure 3.22.1 in DND/CF Architecture Framework (DNDAF)  Volume 2: DND/CF Views and Sub-Views


The SV-1 and SV-7 are the prerequisites for this sub-view:

  • SV-1. Defines the systems under consideration. It sets the scope for this sub-view
  • SV-7. Systems Evolution Description uses the Systems Performance Parameters.


See DNDAF Subview Dependencies



The DNDAF does not have a view nor subviews concerned with the acquisition/procurement of systems via projects by which time could otherwise be introduced.

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