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The Data and Information Viewpoint is one of the 8 DODAF Viewpoints.

From ‘DODAF Viewpoints and Models - Data and Information Viewpoint’:

DoDAF-described Models within the Data and Information Viewpoint provide a means of portraying the operational and business information requirements and rules that are managed within and used as constraints on the organizations business activities. Experience gained from many enterprise architecture efforts within the DoD led to the identification of several levels of abstraction necessary to accurately communicate the information needs of an organization or enterprise. The appropriate level or levels of abstraction for a given architecture are dependent on the use and the intended users of the architecture. Where appropriate, the data captured in this viewpoint needs to be considered by COIs.

DoDAF V2.0 incorporates three levels of abstraction that correlate to the different levels associated with most data models developed in support of the operations or business. These levels are:

  • Conceptual.
  • Logical.
  • Physical.


The DODAF Data and Information Viewpoint has the following 3 models:

There are in 52 models defined in the DOD Architecture Framework.


Other Frameworks

In other frameworks, as used to be the case in DODAF 1.5, data and information modelling is captured within individual architecture views and doesn’t have a collective viewpoint of its own:


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