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The Services Viewpoint is one of the 8 DODAF Viewpoints.

From ‘DODAF Viewpoints and Models - Services Viewpoint’:

The DoDAF-described Models within the Services Viewpoint describes services and their interconnections providing or supporting, DoD functions. DoD functions include both warfighting and business functions. The Service Models associate service resources to the operational and capability requirements. These resources support the operational activities and facilitate the exchange of information. The relationship between architectural data elements across the Services Viewpoint to the Operational Viewpoint and Capability Viewpoint can be exemplified as services are procured and fielded to support the operations and capabilities of organizations. The structural and behavioral models in the OVs and SvcVs allow architects and stakeholders to quickly ascertain which functions are carried out by humans and which by Services for each alternative specification and so carry out trade analysis based on risk, cost, reliability, etc.

Services are not limited to internal system functions and can include Human Computer Interface (HCI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) functions or functions that consume or produce service data to or from service functions. The external service data providers and consumers can be used to represent the human that interacts with the service.


The DODAF Services Viewpoint has the following 13 models:

There are in 52 models defined in the DOD Architecture Framework.


As stated in the DODAF::Systems Viewpoint it looks like the DODAF::Services Viewpoint is intended to replace the Systems Viewpoint.

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