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The Systems Viewpoint is one of the 8 DODAF Viewpoints.

From ‘DODAF Viewpoints and Models - Systems Viewpoint’:

Advice from the DoD:


The DoDAF-described Models within the Systems Viewpoint describes systems and interconnections providing for, or supporting, DoD functions. DoD functions include both warfighting and business functions. The Systems Models associate systems resources to the operational and capability requirements. These systems resources support the operational activities and facilitate the exchange of information. The Systems DoDAF-described Models are available for support of legacy systems. As architectures are updated, they should transition from Systems to Services and utilize the models within the Services Viewpoint.


The DODAF System Viewpoint has the following 13 models:

There are in 52 models defined in the DOD Architecture Framework.


This is potentially confusing in that it appears to equate a system and a service (which does explain why the structure of the Services Viewpoint mirrors that of the Systems Viewpoint). Not all services are systems nor will all systems provide services as such.

More importantly services are an abstract concept usually designed to separate the logical from the implementation. If, as this description suggests, everything will be migrated to the Services Viewpoint what will record the real systems in the field that support the services i.e. where will the real things be recorded?

As the Systems Viewpoint supports the Capability Viewpoint, Operational Viewpoint and Project Viewpoint it will also impact on these.  It also means that services identified in the Services Viewpoint  could not be implemented. This doesn’t appear to have been thought through and at the moment there is no official guidance to support the advised transition.

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