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Sparx Systems - based in Australia.


Sparx Systems Pty Ltd,
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Phone Number: +61 3 53 451140


Sparx Enterprise Architect is a collaborative UML modelling tool based on UML 2.1. It supports frameworks through Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies which are plugins (XMI) that are loaded at tool launch and which add functionality.

As Sparx Systems say:

MDG Technologies not only expand available modeling notations for Enterprise Architect, but can also provide validation rules, code round-trip engineering, model patterns etc. for specific domains and technologies.


Sparx EA also supports CVS- and SCC-compatible version control:
• ClearCase
• Visual Source Safe
• Accurev
• Perforce

• general description -
• version control and team deployment -
• version control with subversion

Product Versions

• Desktop (aimed at standalone use, non-collaborative)
• Professional
• Corporate
• Business & Software Engineering
• Systems Engineering
• Ultimate

Professional upwards support version control, MDG technologies, project forums etc

Corporate upwards add auditing, baseline/comparison


Operating Systems

• Microsoft Windows (native)
• Mac OS X and Linux using Wine, Codeweavers’ Crossover or VMWare Fusion. See Connect Windows Virtual Machine to Host Mac MySQL Server |advice on using the Mac OS X’s MySQL server.


The straight EA Project file (*.EAP) uses the Microsoft JET database engine . This is fine for single users and can be used for concurrent working for a small group. It is less robust than a full DBMS but it does support master and replica data sets which are easy to synchronise with disconnected users on laptops or remote sites.

Sparx EA supports the following DBMS:
• Oracle 9i and 10g
• PostgreSQL
• SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008
• Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere

Sparx EA can therefore use an existing enterprise SQL DBMS or you can use it with an open source one such as MySQL - it does not have or need its own bespoke DBMS for collaborative setup.

Architecture Frameworks Supported

Sparx EA supports the following architecture frameworks:
• DODAF (also UPDM in forthcoming version 8) via MDG Technology
• MODAF (also UPDM in forthcoming version 8) via MDG Technology
• TRAK - see TRAK Tool Support - Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect via MDG Technology


Prices from the Sparx website:

• Desktop edition $135
• Professional edition $199
• Corporate edition $335
• Business & Software Engineering edition $599
• Systems Engineering edition $599
• Ultimate edition $699

All prices include 12 months support

Further Information

• system requirements
• feature list
• Wikipedia - Microsoft Jet Database Engine -
• Subversion home -
• Wikipedia - Subversion

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