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Version 1.2.004.

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Part of the MODAF Operational (OV) Viewpoint.

From the MODAF metamodel (M3):

A relationship between Nodes representing a bundle of InformationExchanges.

From p13 of ‘The MODAF Operational (OV) Viewpoint’:

Needlines document the required or actual exchange of information between nodes; they are conduits for one or more information exchanges, that is, they represent a logical bundle of information flows. A needline does not indicate how the information transfer is implemented.

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Configuration History

  • 1.2.004 definition changed.
  • 1.2.003 was A relationship specifying the need to exchange information between nodes. Formally known as a needline.


Why is a needline only related to an exchange of information and not any other type of exchange? The most likely explanation is the way in which the definition of Needline at 1.2.003 need to exchange information between nodes got changed to A relationship between Nodes representing a bundle of InformationExchanges and in doing so lost the definition of the thing in the real world being represented in favour of a description of the M3 itself - not much help. Having lost the sense of describing a need it was probably a small step then to break out the new parts of the M3 and not include them as needs for these new types of exchange.

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