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The OV-1b Operational Concept Description View is part of the MODAF Operational Viewpoint and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

The change history is derived from the definition of each MODAF view within the The MODAF Operational Viewpoint viewpoint defining document from

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From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p8:

The OV-1c provides detail of the operational performance attributes associated with the scenario / use case represented in the OV-1a, High Level Operating Concept Graphic, and how these might evolve over time.

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From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p8:

An OV-1c Product is used to specify quantifiable attributes and values within the scenario / use case represented in the OV-1a. The values expressed define the performance of specific or multiple capability elements, and can be represented as either single values or a range of values across a defined timescale. The data may indicate changes in particular performance parameters from one Enterprise Phase to the next.

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From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p8:

The performance of an operational scenario or use case can be measured in a variety of different ways depending upon the scenario context, the capabilities needed to satisfy the requirement and the systems deployed to provide the required capabilities. Possible attributes may include operational tempo, accuracy of targeting, fratricide rate, etc. Furthermore, it may be possible to link the attributes to a specific system or it may only possible to consider the attributes as an emergent property, for example they are dependent upon all of the elements that are interacting within the scenario, rather than an attribute of the individual elements.

The attributes and values that are specified may be as single values (e.g. the target engagement process is to be concluded in a maximum time of 25 minutes) or may be used to represent trends or targets that are expected to be achieved. This type of attribute would be represented by a number of values for various points in time or periods of time.

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Data Objects

From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p8:

  • Metrics associated with performance associated with specific concepts within the scenario specified within the OV-1a.

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From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p8:

  • Tabulation
  • SysML parametric diagram

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