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The SV-8 Capability Configuration Management View is part of the MODAF System Viewpoint and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

The change history is derived from the definition of each MODAF view within the The MODAF System Viewpoint viewpoint defining document from

See MODAF Release History.


From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p32:

The SV-8 depicts the whole lifecycle view of a resource, describing how its configuration changes over time.

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p32:

The SV-8 provides an overview of how a capability configuration structure changes over time. It shows the structure of several capability configurations mapped against a timeline.

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p32:

An SV-8 provides a rich definition of how the enterprise and its capabilities are expected to evolve over time, especially when linked together with other evolution views such as AcV-2, Programme Timelines, StV-3, Capability Phasing, and TV-2, Standards Forecast.

In this manner, the view can be used as an architecture evolution project plan or transition plan. In meta-model terms, an SV-8 product is constructed from data specified in AcV-2 and SV-1, Resource Interaction Specification, though there may be several SV-1 products – one for each version of the configuration. It may therefore be possible for MODAF tools to automatically generate SV-8 products from existing data.

An SV-8 can describe legacy, current and future capability configurations against a timeline. Using similar modelling elements as those used in SV-1, (resource composition, resources, etc), the view shows the structure of each capability configuration. Resource interactions which take place within the capability configuration boundaries may also be shown.

The changes depicted in the SV-8 View are derived from the project milestones that are also shown in AcV-2.

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Data Objects

From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p32:

The data in an SV-8 can include:


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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p32 :

  • Timeline view
  • Herringbone diagram

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This view should really be considered as part the MODAF Acquisition Viewpoint as it is really a variant of the AcV-2 since the emphasis is on project time and acquisition and how this affects the configuration e.g. mid-life update or planned technology update.



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