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The StV-5 Capability to Organisation Deployment Mapping View is part of the MODAF Strategic Viewpoint* and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

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Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p17:

The StV-5 shows the deployment of capability to specific organisations over time.

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p17:

This view shows the planned capability deployment related to the organisations fielding it for a particular period of time (Enterprise Phase). Multiple StV-5s are used to show how the deployment of new capability propagates through organisations over time.

The StV-5 should be seen as a summary of the delivery schedules for capabilities and can, therefore be used to support the capability management process and, in particular, assist the planning of fielding.

To prevent constraining the solution space, StV-5 should not be produced at the time of developing capability / user requirements. Like StV-3, Capability Phasing, it is more of an informative programmatic view – i.e. a dashboard

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p18:

The StV-5 shows deployment of capability configurations to specific organisations during a specific Enterprise Phase. The information used to create the StV-5 is drawn from other MODAF views:

The timing is based on project milestones from AcV-2 which indicate when a capability configuration will be delivered to an organisation and, in addition, the point at which the organisation stops using a particular capability configuration.

In order to conduct a comprehensive analysis, multiple StV-5s can be created to represent the different Enterprise Phases. In addition, the StV-5 can be compared with the StV-3, Capability Phasing, and the SV-8, Capability Configuration Management, to provide a better understanding of the temporal aspects of the architecture.

The StV-5 may also show interactions between capability configurations, where these have been previously defined in an SV-1.

The StV-5 is usually presented in a tabular form with the organisational structure represented along one axis, with the capabilities along the other axis. Graphical objects representing capability configurations are placed in the relevant positions relative to these axes.


Resource Interactions (from an SV-1) can also be shown on an StV-5. In addition, where a Capability Configuration is deployed across a number of Organisations, a parent Organisation should be created for context purposes, and the Capability Configuration stretched across the domain of the parent Organisation.


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Data Objects

From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p18:

The data in an StV-5 can include:


Full size:File:MODAF StV5 dataObjects mm.gif

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p18:

  • Tabulation
  • Structured Timeline View

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