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The StV-6 Operational Activity to Capability Mapping View is part of the MODAF Strategic Viewpoint* and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

See MODAF Release History.


From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p21:

The StV-6 specifies standard (e.g. doctrinal) operational activities, and optionally traces them to the capabilities they support.

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p21:

Some processes are standard across the whole enterprise, or even more than one enterprise. The StV-6 specifies Standard Operational Activities that can be re-used across multiple logical architectures (i.e. the MODAF Operational Viewpoints).

An StV-6 can also show which capabilities the standard operational activities support

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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p24:

The StV-6 view specifies the Standard Operational Activities, and the enduring tasks and capabilities they support.

It is created with the Strategic Architecture (i.e. before the creation of supporting Operational Views), and will consist of a library of pre-defined functions taken from Doctrine1. Consequently, the OV-5, Operation Activity Model, should contain activities that are generalisations of the Standard Operational Activities from the StV-6.

An StV-6 is usually shown in the form of a table, optionally listing the supported capabilities and enduring tasks.

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Data Objects*

From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p24:

The data in an StV-6 can include:


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From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p21:

  • Table
  • Tracing Diagram

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Configuration History

1.2.004 name changed to Standard Operational Activities to Capability Mapping View. Enduring Task added.

1.2.003 the name change to Operational Activity to Capability Mapping View

Original name Operational Activity to Capability Function Mapping View


From the ‘The MODAF Operational (OV) Viewpoint’:

Standard operational activities are those defined in doctrine, but which are not tailored to a specific system, ie they are generic enough to be used without closing off a range of possible solution SVs.

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‘Standard Operational Activity’ is a specialisation of Operational Activity relating to doctrine. See also the OV-05.


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