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The TV-1 Standards Profile View is part of the MODAF

Technical Standards Viewpoint* and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

See MODAF Release History.


From The MODAF Technical Standards Viewpoint p2:

TV-1 defines the technical and non-technical standards, guidance and policy applicable to the architecture. The standards specified in TV-1 may be traced to elements elsewhere in the architecture to indicate those elements conform to the standards.

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From The MODAF Technical Standards Viewpoint p2:

Standards are essential to the coherent running of businesses and to the delivery of reliable, interoperable systems. The TV-1 lists all the currently ratified standards that have been used throughout the architecture, and so acts as a checklist to help the architect ensure conformance.

A TV-2, Standards Forecast, should additionally be used if emerging standards have been identified and used in the architecture

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From The MODAF Technical Standards Viewpoint p2:

A TV-1 view is typically a table showing the standards used throughout the architecture. Apart from the standard itself, the table may optionally show:

  • The version identifier of the standard (e.g.v1.1).
  • The ratification body responsible for the standard (e.g.ISO,NATO,MOD DEFSTAN, etc.).
  • The ratification date of the standard.
  • The URI of the website where the standard can be found.
  • The publisher of the standard,if different to the ratification body.
  • The elements in the architecture which conform to the standard.
  • Any other supporting information (e.g.service area),which would be captured as a comment on the standard in M3

The standards need not be technical, and may be related to business or military doctrine, best practice, or even legislation.

The protocols referred to interface and communications descriptions (see SV-2) are examples of standards and these should also be included in the TV-1 listing, irrespective of which views they appear in, or are referred from.

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Data Objects*

From The MODAF Technical Standards Viewpoint p2:

The data in an TV-1 can include:

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From The MODAF Technical Standards Viewpoint p2:

  • Tabular

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Configuration History

1.2.004 Ratification Body and Spectrum Allocation added.

1.2.003 name changed to TV-1 Standards Profile

1.1 original name Technical Standards Profile


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