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Version 1.2.004.

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Part of the MODAF All Views Viewpoint.

From the MODAF Metamodel (M3):

A specification of a way to present an aspect of the architecture. Views are defined with one or more purposes in mind - e.g. showing the logical topology of the enterprise, describing a process model, defining a data model, etc.

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In MODAF a (architecture) view is used as both a definition of an architecture view and the product of that definition. It differs in this respect from the ISO/IEC 42010 (IEEE 1471) definition of an architecture view.

A view provides a fragment of architecture description of the real world. In MODAF views are grouped into viewpoints.

The MODAF metamodel at 1.2.004 incorrectly equates MODAF::Architectural Product with IEEE1471::View - the latter is an architecture product but it is a response to an Architecture Viewpoint. In fact IEEE1471::View looks to be most closely related to MODAF::ProductOfView.

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