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Version 1.2.004.

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Part of the MODAF Strategic Viewpoint.

From the MODAF Metamodel (M3):

A current or future state of a WholeLifeEnterprise or another EnterprisePhase.

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  • toBe - boolean

Notes:  Asserts if the EnterprisePhase specified is an aspirational (i.e future) state of the enterprise. Although this can be deduced from the “from” and “to” attributes at the time the architecture is produced, that will not be immediately apparent for users viewing the architecture in the future (i.e. once the “from” date has passed)

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Configuration History

1.2.004 - adds toBe attribute


  • If an Enterprise Phase is a temporal part of a Whole Life Enterprise why can’t it also be a past state?
  • Bizarrely this appears physically within the All Views part of the M3 although it is used within the MODAF Strategic Viewpoint.
  • toBe attribute seems odd. ‘to be’ is a relative state with respect to the observer’s current time-now so this will not be the same for all observers. It would be more explicit to add start and finish dates and deduce whether the enterprise phase is current or future (or indeed a past) state by comparison with time-now.

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