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The SOV-2 Service Interface Specification View is part of the MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint* and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

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Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

The change history is derived from the definition of each MODAF view within the The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint viewpoint defining document from

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From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p6:

The SOV-2 defines the interfaces provided and required by a service.

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From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p6:

A service presents one or more interfaces to consumers (a “consumer” being any agent capable of using the service; i.e. a person, an organisation, a system or another service). A service may also be capable of using interfaces exposed by other services, and the architect may specify these as used interfaces.

Specifying the interfaces that a service provides and requires defines compatibility between services - e.g. if Service A provides interface X, and Service B can use Interface X, then Service B can call upon at least some of the functionality of Service A.

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From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p6:

Service interfaces are defined in terms of their operations (methods of access) and parameters (data that must be passed to the service, or produced by the service). The interfaces and their operations all have names. Parameters may be simple types (text, numbers, Boolean) or typed by an entity in a Physical Schema (SV-11).

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Data Objects

From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p6:

The data in an SOV-2 can include:


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From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p7:

  • Tabular
  • UML

SOV-2 products can be presented in tabular form, or as diagrams (usually UML). If a tabular approach is used, the first five columns are mandatory and should be in the following order:

  1. Service Name.
  2. Interface Name
  3. Provided / Used (note that if the service both provides and uses a particular interface, this should be recorded as two entries in the table).
  4. Operation Name
  5. Parameters.

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Configuration History


Other Frameworks*

From The MODAF Service Oriented Viewpoint p6:

The equivalent NAF v3 view to SOV-2 is NSOV-2, Service Definitions. However the MODAF view is more restricted in that it only specifies the service interfaces (attributes are specified in SOV-1).

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