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The SV-11 Physical Schema View is part of the MODAF System Viewpoint and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

The change history is derived from the definition of each MODAF view within the The MODAF System Viewpoint viewpoint defining document from

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p44:

The SV-11 Physical Schema view defines the structure of the various kinds of system data that are utilised by the systems in the architecture.

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p44:

The SV-11 provides an implementation specific data model that realises the logical data model presented in an OV-7, Information Model.

Implementation constraints may mean that one logical entity in OV-7 is in fact realised by more than one entity in SV-11 and vice versa.

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p44:

SV-11 allows implementation-level detail of data structures to be modelled. The view serves several purposes, including:

  • Providing as much detail as possible on the system data elements exchanged between systems, thus reducing the risk of interfacing errors.
  • Providing system data structures for use in the system design process, if necessary.

SV-11 is an implementation-oriented data model that is used to describe how the information requirements represented in OV-7 are actually implemented for a given solution. The entities specified in SV-11 represent data elements (from the SV-6, Systems Data Exchange Matrix).

There should be a mapping from a given logical data model (OV-7) to the physical data model (SV- 11) if both models are used. This mapping is often not trivial (e.g. there may be conditional mappings), in which case a formal mapping language such as ISO10303-14 should be used (as M3 comments) against the data model or individual entities.

Standards associated with entities are also often identified in the development of the SV-11 view product; these should be recorded in the TV-1 Standards Profile.

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Data Objects

From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p44:

The data in an SV-11 can include:

  • System data entity


Full size:File:MODAF SV11 mm dataobjects.gif

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From The MODAF System Viewpoint (SV) p44:

  • Formal text data modelling language (e.g. SQL, ISO10303-11, etc.)
  • Topological (connected shapes)
  • UML class diagram

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Configuration History

  • 1.2.004 removed SysML structural diagram from presentation



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