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The StV-1 Enterprise Vision View is part of the MODAF Strategic Viewpoint* and one of the 47 MODAF views*.

Version & Date

Version 1.2.004.

* =  changed at 1.2.004

+ =  new at 1.2.004

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From ‘The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint’ p2:

StV-1 addresses the enterprise concerns associated with the overall vision for transformational endeavours and thus defines the strategic context for a group of Enterprise capabilities.

(Note: The name of this product has been changed from “Strategic Vision”)

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From ‘The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint’ p2:

The purpose of an StV-1 is to provide a strategic context for the capabilities described in the architecture. It also provides a high-level scope for the architecture which is more general than the scenario-based scope defined in an OV-1.

The Views are high-level and describe capabilities using terminology which is easily understood by non-technical readers (though they may make extensive use of military terminology and acronyms that are clearly defined in the AV-2 View).

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From ‘The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint’ p3:

The StV-1 Product defines the strategic context for a group of capabilities described in the architecture by outlining the vision for a capability area over a bounded period of time. It describes how high level goals and strategy are to be delivered in capability terms.

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From ‘The MODAF Strategic Views (StV) Viewpoint’ 24th November 2008 :

The Enterprise Goals and Capabilities are ‘enduring’, that is they are intended to provide an enduring framework across the lifetime of the enterprise that is being modelled. An Enterprise, on the other hand, is essentially time-bounded; it has a start and end date. It is broken into a set of phases for capability planning purposes. The time periods associated with these phases are sometimes referred to as ‘epochs’ although MODAF does not use this specific terminology.

It is necessary in MODAF to identify one Enterprise Phase as being an ‘Actual Enterprise Phase’, that is, it represents the ‘As Is’ capability of the Enterprise.

Each enterprise has a type and (an enduring set of) capabilities are associated with this type.

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From ‘The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint’ 26th April 2010 p3:

The StV-1 only shows the capabilities exhibited by enterprises; it does not show how the enterprise is structured in order to deliver those capabilities. OV-2, Operational Node Relationship Description, is used to define the logical structure of the enterprise, and the individual logical nodes in the enterprise that deliver the capability. SV-1, Resource Interaction Specification, and OV-4, Organisational Relationships Chart, are used to show the physical and organisational structure of the enterprise.

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Data Objects

From ‘The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint’ 26th April 2010 p2:

The data in an StV-1 can include:


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