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Salamander, based in York.


The Salamander Organization

York Science Park Heslington York YO10 5ZF

UK Tel: +44 (0)1904 717 300 E-mail:


Product Versions

  • MooD Business Architect - individual and teams
  • MooD Active Enterprise

Operating Systems


  • Microsoft Windows

Needs .NET framework


  • Standalone uses ‘Microsoft Access. JET?
  • collaborative requires Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle

Architecture Frameworks Supported

MooD supports the following architecture frameworks:



Annual maintenance and support costs are a percentage of the initial licence fee and entitle the customer to all product updates and upgrades.


  • per user
  • per server

Further Information


Website doesn’t have much hard technical information about the products.

MooD is not a UML modelling tool at heart. Others like System Architect, Magicdraw, Artisan Studio, Enterprise Architect or Rhapsody are used for software development and have been extended to suit architecture modelling. This means that it also doesn’t suffer from any artefacts as a result of UML itself - which depend on how well UML elements can be used to represent the stereotypes in the particular architecture framework being used. See Choosing an Architecture Description Language.

See also modelling tools page.


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