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Note - the most recent version is 4 which has significantly changed in terms of organisational structure.


It isn’t possible from the NAF documents to determine the date of issue:

This document was promulgated by the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board under cover of AC/322-D(2007)0048-AS1, dated XXX.


The NATO C3 Board (NC3B) approved the NATO C3 System Architecture Framework (NC3SAF)3 at its 11th meeting in November 2000. The NC3SAF contained chapters dealing not only with the roles and principles governing the description of C3 systems, but also contained a chapter describing the architecture development and approval process for developing NC3S Overarching, Reference and Target Architectures.

An updated version of the architecture framework, NAF version 2, was developed from 2002 to 2004 and was approved in august 2004 (AC_322-D(2004)0041).

NAF provides the rules, guidance, and products for developing and presenting architecture descriptions that ensure a common denominator for understanding, comparing, and integrating architectures. The application of the Framework will enable architectures to contribute most effectively to the acquiring and fielding of cost-effective and interoperable military capabilities. The Framework will ensure that the architectures developed by NATO and the Nations can be compared and related across NATO and National boundaries, including multi-national boundaries.

The NATO Architecture Framework v3 is based on the MoD Architecture Framework (MODAF) metamodel (version 1.1) and MODAF service-oriented architecture (SOA) Views aimed at addressing NATO’s Network-Enabled Capability (NEC).

The NAF is organised into 7 views, each of which contains several architecture sub-views. There are 50 subviews defined within the NAF. The underlying metamodel defines the allowed object types (NAF stereotypes) and is referred to as the NATO architecture framework metamodel (NMM).

The previous version is NAF 3.0. The NAF is subject to a set of release conditions.

The current version is 4.0




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