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Version 3.1

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The change history is derived from the definition of each NATO Architecture view within section 5.2.4 NATO Operational View (NOV) in AC/322(SC/1-WG/1)N(2009)0005-ADD2.  NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.1 document from .

See NAF Release History.


The NATO Operational View is one of the 7 NATO Architecture Framework Views.

NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 1:

The NOV is a description of the tasks and activities, operational elements, and information exchanges required to accomplish NATO missions. NATO missions include both war-fighting missions and business processes. The NOV contains graphical and textual products that comprise an identification of the operational nodes and elements, assigned tasks and activities, and information flows required between nodes. It defines the types of information exchanged, the frequency of exchange, which tasks and activities are supported by the information exchanges, and the nature of information exchanges.

Covered by NATO release conditions.


The NATO Operational View in NAF has the following 9 sub views:

This set is similar to that in the MODAF Operational Viewpoint.

There are in 49 subviews* defined in the NATO Architecture Framework.

Configuration History

  • 3.1 NOV-7 name changed from Conceptual Information Model Subview to Information Model Subview


Note that the NATO AF 3.1 documentation isn’t yet in a consistent state - it appears to be in the process of changing Subview to View but still has view meaning both an individual (view) specification and a collection of (view) specifications. It is also confused between a view as a specification and the product of that specification. See NATO AF v3.1 - Is It Now Time to Merge MODAF and the NATO AF?


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