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Version 3.1

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The change history is derived from the definition of each NATO Architecture view within section 5.2.5 NATO Service-Oriented Views (NSOV) in AC/322(SC/1-WG/1)N(2009)0005-ADD2.  NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.1 document from .

See NAF Release History.


The NATO Operational View is one of the 7 NATO Architecture Framework Views.

NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 1:

The NSOV is added to the NAF to support building architectures based on the concept of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which is fundamental to the NNEC paradigm. The NSOV is a description of services needed to directly support the operational domain as described in the NATO Operational View. A service, within the NSOV, is understood in its broadest sense, as a unit of work through which a provider provides a useful result to a consumer. NSOV focuses strictly on identifying and describing services. The view also supports the description of service taxonomies, service orchestrations, a mapping of services to operational activities, and a description of service behaviour.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

The NATO Service-Oriented View in NAF has the following 8 sub views:

This set is similar to that in the MODAF Service-Oriented Viewpoint.

There are in 49 subviews* defined in the NATO Architecture Framework.

Configuration History

See Archive- NAF (under Wiki Contents) for deleted subviews and stereotypes.


Note that the NATO AF 3.1 documentation isn’t yet in a consistent state - it appears to be in the process of changing Subview to View but still has view meaning both an individual (view) specification and a collection of (view) specifications. It is also confused between a view as a specification and the product of that specification. See NATO AF v3.1 - Is It Now Time to Merge MODAF and the NATO AF?

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