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...each subview comprises of specific diagrams and specifications, intended to support a specific purpose, and intended to be communicated to specific stakeholders and specific Communities of Interest.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

A subview defines the actual reporting diagrams and specifications relevant to the purpose and audience of that specific subview. Each subview is described with the use of a fixed template, consisting of a fixed set of sections. These sections, describe different aspects of a complete subview specification. These sections are:

• Purpose: describing what the intention is of this particular subview;
• Definition: describing what type of product the subview actually is. I.e. it describes which deliverables are required (e.g. diagrams, tables, matrices, and/or texts); in what form; containing what elements and relationships.
• Development Guidance: providing hints, guidelines, and best practices to develop the products described in this subview. Examples are included wherever possible.
• Supporting NNEC Architecture Concepts and Elements: specifying which NNEC architecture concepts and elements from NAF-chapter 3 should be included in the subview, to ensure that the subview will be usable for the development of NNEC architectures. This section provides a link back to NAF- chapter 3.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

There are 50 subviews defined within v3 of the NATO Architecture Framework.


A NATO ‘subview’ is a template containing guidance which describes what is needed for the architectural products, which are ‘diagrams’ and ‘specifications’. This is potentially confusing since the products from MODAF are views and those from TRAK are also views.

The langage used in the NATO subviews is not a specification nor does it impose consistency constraints so a subview is quite unlike a ISO 42010 viewpoint.


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• list of NAF Subviews


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