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Version 3. See NAF.


Part of the NATO Programme View.

From p 448, of APPENDIX 5:

A <<ProjectMilestone>> that indicates the point in time at which a project is predicted to deliver or has delivered a <<Capability>>.

Example: When a project reaches Initial Operating Capability (IOC) it may deliver a <<Capability>> with a given set of metrics then deliver a second <<Capability>> corresponding to the same <<Capability>> when it reaches Full Operational Capability (FOC). Both the IOC and FOC milestones would be instances of <<CapabilityIncrement>>.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

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The name of this stereotype is potentially misleading - it isn’t itself an increment of capability (suggestive of a whole:part relationship with NAF::Capability but a type of project milestone. Equally the matched pair - the milestone type that removes a deliverable is NAF::Out of Service and therefore a more logical name might have been ‘In Service’.



• Capability Increment specialises Project Milestone

Other Frameworks

• MODAF:Capability Increment
• In TRAK the introduction is represented using relationships rather than stereotypes - using TRAK:Milestone marks introduction of TRAK:System or TRAK:Project Activity delivers TRAK:System (that realises one or more capabilities)


• (p 448) of APPENDIX 5 TO ANNEX 1 TO AC/322-D(2007)0048. NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 5


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