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The NCV-4 Capability Dependencies subview is part of the NATO Capability View and one of the 49 NATO Architecture Framework subviews*.

Version & Date

Version 3.1

* =  changed at 3.1

+ =  new at 3.1

The change history is derived from the definition of each NATO Architecture view within section 5.2.3 NATO Capability View (NCV) in AC/322(SC/1-WG/1)N(2009)0005-ADD2.  NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.1 document from .

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3.1, CHAPTER 5, Section

The NCV-4 Product describes the dependencies between planned capabilities. It also defines logical groupings of capabilities (capability clusters).

Covered by NATO release conditions.


From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section 4.4.4

An NCV-4 subview shows the capabilities (or capability functions) which are of interest to the architecture. It groups those capabilities into logical groupings (clusters), based on the need for those elements to be integrated. These clusters serve to inform the acquisition process and the Capability Phasing (NCV-3) subview.

The elements in an NCV-4 subview are not intended to represent individual systems or items of equipment - military capability may be satisfied by a group of systems, and an individual system can satisfy more than one capability - see Capability to Systems Deployment Mapping (NCV-5).

Covered by NATO release conditions.

Data Objects

From the NATO Architecture Framework v3.1, CHAPTER 5, Section

The data in an NCV-4 can include:

  • Capability
  • Capability Dependency (relationship)
  • Capability Composition (relationship)

Covered by NATO release conditions.

From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p13:


Full size:File:MODAF StV-3 capabilityPhasing.gif

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This diagram is taken from MODAF 1.2.004 MODAF::StV-4 Capability Dependencies View as it is identical to that in NAF 3.1 with the following substitutions for view/subview number:


Configuration History


In other words, just the 1 NAF Metamodel stereotype allowed - Capability. Very slightly different from the NCV-2 which focusses on capability specialisation.

The term capability function is confusing as both, in modelling notation language terms are a type of activity - doing terms and also because function is defined in the metamodel as being associated with implementation i.e. we know what is performing the function whereas a capability is always free of implementation (we don’t know or care what realises it).


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