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The NCV-5 Capability to Organisational Deployment Mappings subview is part of the NATO Capability View and one of the 49 NATO Architecture Framework subviews*.

Version & Date

Version 3.1

* =  changed at 3.1

+ =  new at 3.1

The change history is derived from the definition of each NATO Architecture view within section 5.2.3 NATO Capability View (NCV) in AC/322(SC/1-WG/1)N(2009)0005-ADD2.  NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.1 document from .

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section 4.4.5

The Capability to Organisational Deployment Mapping (NCV-5) shows deployment of resources in general, and systems specifically, in NATO Operational Commands and the ability between those resources to satisfy the military capability for a particular timeframe (or Epoch). When appropriate and if necessary the subview can show how all relevant (existing and planned) NATO and National systems combine to provide a desired capability.

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section 4.4.5

In order to conduct a comprehensive analysis of a capability over time, several NCV-5 subviews are created to represent the timeframes that are being analyzed. Although the NCV-5 subviews are represented separately, NATO and National systems may exist in more than one subview. The information used to create the NCV-5 is drawn from other NAF subviews (NCV-2, NCV-4, NOV-2, NSV-3, NPV-2, etc), and includes: capabilities, system connectivity, organisational structures, and programmatic information.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

Data Objects*

From the NATO Architecture Framework v3.1, CHAPTER 5, Section

The data in an NCV-5 can include:

Covered by NATO release conditions.

From The MODAF Strategic Viewpoint p18:


Full size:File:MODAF StV5 dataObjects mm.gif

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This diagram is taken from MODAF 1.2.004 MODAF::StV-5 Capability to Organisation Deployment Mapping View as it is almost identical to that in NAF 3.1 with the following substitutions for view/subview number:

Exceptions/differences for NAF 3.1 - NAF 3.1 diagram also shows

although these are not listed in the data objects for this view.


Configuration History


Looks to be a specialisation or more specific form of the NCV-3. There is no means to show what is that provides the capability other than the Capability Configuration that wraps it.


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