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The NSV-10 Systems Rules Sequence & Timing Description subview is part of the NATO System View and one of the 47 NATO Architecture Framework subviews.

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Version 3.0

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section 4.7.10

Many of the critical characteristics of an architecture are only discovered when an an architecture’s dynamic behaviours are defined and described. These dynamic behaviours concern the timing and sequencing of events that capture system quality characteristics of an executing system. Behaviour modelling and documentation is key to a successful architecture description, because it is how a future system behaves that is crucial in many situations. Although knowledge of the functions and interfaces is also crucial, knowing whether, for example, a response should be expected after sending message X to node Y can be crucial to successful overall operations.

Three types of models may be used to adequately describe the dynamic behaviour and performance characteristics of a System View. These three models are:
• Systems Rules Model (NSV-10a)
• Systems State Transition Description (NSV-10b)
• Systems Event-Trace Description (NSV-10c)

NSV-10b and NSV-10c may be used separately or together, as necessary, to describe critical timing and sequencing behaviour in the NATO System View. Both types of diagrams are used by a wide variety of different system development methodologies.

Both NSV-10b and NSV-10c describe system responses to sequences of events. Events may also be referred to as inputs, transactions, or triggers. When an event occurs, the action to be taken may be subject to a rule or set of rules as described in NSV-10a.

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Other Frameworks

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• MODAF SV-10a Resource Rules Model View, MODAF SV-10b Resource State Transition Description View and MODAF SV-10c Resource Event-Trace Description View
• TRAK SVp-07 Solution Sequence Viewpoint


•  Section 4.7.10 (page 257 of pdf) of APPENDIX 1 TO ANNEX 1 TO AC/322-D(2007)0048. NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.

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