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From the NATO Network Enabled capability (NNEC) website:

The NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) programme is the Alliance’s ability to federate various capabilities at all levels, military (strategic to tactical) and civilian, through an information infrastructure. But the main objective of the NNEC programme, illustrated by the slogan “Share to Win”, is to initiate a culture change that begins with people. Interacting with each other and sharing information will lead to better situational awareness and faster decision making, which ultimately saves lives, resources and improves collaboration between nations.

It is clearly closely related to the UK MoD’s NEC.

As NATO say:

NNEC is about people first, then processes, and finally technology.

which is very similar to the ‘dimensions’ of NEC identified by the UK MoD.

The NNEC brochures state:

What is NNEC?
The original definition, written several years ago, of NATO Network Enabled Capability states that the NNEC program is the Alliance’s ability to federate various capabilities at all levels, military (strategic to tactical) and civilian, through an information infrastructure. Today we realize this is a limiting statement, and although this is still true, today’s main objective of NNEC is that the program is about people. To make NNEC effective we need the people of NATO to make use of the NNEC principles in their daily work.

What is the purpose of NNEC?
NNEC enables dynamic battle command, that is to say, through the federation of key command, control and support capabilities, sharing information in real time, NATO commanders will have unparalleled situational understanding facilitating effective engagement in a comprehensive approach. The basis of the comprehensive approach is typified by the NNEC slogan: “Share to Win”. Everyone must have a “share” mentality which will be essential in implementing the NATO network?capability program. A new way to look at NNEC is people, processes, and then technology. It is these capabilities which include how people interact with each other, processes or doctrine for conducting business, and how to better use current and future technology.

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Relevance to Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

The NATO Architecture Framework makes explicit reference to the contribution of the framework to NNEC (NATO NEC):

Chapter 1 of the NATO Architecture Framework, v3

Architectures are to be used as analysis tools to develop new capabilities, structure organisations and to optimize processes and spending. There is an increase in the need for international coalition operations (NATO Response Force) and a growing need to deliver end-to-end capability, whilst delivering more for less and ensuring interoperability. NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) is a key part of meeting this changing need, and enables us to federate systems, sensors, effectors and hence improve military effectiveness.

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