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Representing organisations are arranged or structured in terms of the chain of command or units of organisation and the reporting between positions is a common need. Most websites for large organisations have a page describing these structures and often also feature something about governance (although often this might be quality control rather than a chain of command).

The purpose of this page is therefore provide examples of the application of framework views to describe organisational structure and reporting.

Governance / Command

The first type is a view of the command or governance structure - who is who’s boss? In loose English we often ask ‘who do you report to?’ which mixes both command and a line of communication. The actual reporting as an exchange is dealt with separately.

This type of organisation chart shows the position of someone in an organisation relative to their superiors and subordinates - these are usually, but not always, jobs.





In TRAK an organisation structure would be shown using the SV-01 Solution Structure View. The prime relationship for TRAK::Job and TRAK::Organisation are:

  • Job governs Job
  • Organisation governs Organisation

Organisation Structure

There are 2 forms of structure that are of interest

  • the structural make-up of an organisation
  • membership or participation with other organisations





In TRAK the organisation structure is shown using the SV-01 Solution Structure View. The prime relationships for TRAK::Organisation are:

  • Organisation has part Organisation
  • Organisation is member of Organisation
  • Organisation has part Job

The first form is most useful for an internal organisation structure.


TRAK::SV-01 - UK Cabinet Organisation Structure (Partial)

Full size: File:SV-01 Cabinet Structure.gif

Organisation membership is often useful for external organisation structure where a consortium or trade body is involved.


Full size:File:SV-01 AGRRI StructureMembership.gif

TRAK::SV-01 - Membership of the Advisory Group for Rail Research & Innovation (AGRRI)


As stated earlier if you do need to show ‘reporting’ in terms of things being passed rather than ‘reports to’ = governance (covered earlier) then this isn’t structural but a flow of (usually) information from the sub-ordinate to their manager.





In TRAK the reporting interchange is shown using the SV-02 Solution Resource Interaction View. The prime relationships for TRAK::Organisation are:

  • Job from/to (a Resource Interaction) Job

although you can also show

  • Organisation from/to (a Resource Interaction) Organisation
  • Organisation from/to (a Resource Interaction) Job


Full size: File:SV-02SecurityServiceReporting.gif
TRAK::SV-02 Security Service (MI5) - Reporting from the UK Joint Terrorism Analysis Service (JTAC) to the Joint Intelligence Committee

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