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One of the elements within the the TRAK metamodel and part of the Management Perspective.

A connected series of statements or reasons intended to establish a position (and, hence, to refute the opposite); a process of reasoning; argumentation.

OED - Argument - (accessed August 08, 2013)

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  • argument identifier

+ Inherited Attributes Architecture Description Element

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Implementation of TRAK Attribute Names and Values

The implementation of TRAK attributes in a tool is controlled by ‘TRAK. Implementation. Architecture Description Elements’ with respect to the case, spelling of attributes and format of values. See References section below.



Argument participates in the following relationships:

Inherited relationships:

+ from Architecture Description Element

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Master Architecture View

Any Argument used within an architecture description of the system-of-interest must appear on a MV-04 Assurance View for the architecture description.

The MV-04 is the Master Architecture View for Argument.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


An Argument is a fundamental part of the Claim - Argument - Evidence (CAE) structure used in describing the structure of an assurance case such as that used for safety assurance (or a safety case as it used to be called in “old money”). It allows the structure of the set of arguments to be created and agreed with an auditor/regulator/assurer before the detail of the Evidence required is added.

The Argument opposes Argument tuple allows counter or opposing arguments to be constructed (and then supported with relevant evidence).

The Argument element allows a feature represented in the architecture description to be used as the basis for part of the supporting / opposing argument.


Other Frameworks

Neither MODAF nor the NATO Architecture Framework are able to represent an Argument within their metamodels.


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