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27th January 2011

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The ability to undertake a particular kind of action or the extent of someone’s or something’s ability.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Tests For

  • makes sense when used with ‘Enterprise requires ...’
  • easy to re-use

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Tests Against

  • includes technology
  • includes a ‘thing’

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


Inherited attributes:

+ from Architecture Description Element

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Implementation of TRAK Attribute Names and Values

The implementation of TRAK attributes in a tool is controlled by ‘TRAK. Implementation. Architecture Description Elements’ with respect to the case, spelling of attributes and format of values. See References section below.



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Capability participates in:


Inherited relationships:

+ from Architecture Description Element:

  • Claim about Capability
  • Concern about Capability
  • Contract governs Capability
  • Requirement governs Capability
  • Standard governs Capability
  • Capability satisfies Contract
  • Capability satisfies Requirement
  • Capability satisfies Standard
  • Capability traces to Argument
  • Capability traces to Document
  • Capability traces to Requirement

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Master Architecture View

Any Capability used within an architecture description of the system-of-interest must appear on a EV-02 Capability Hierarchy View for the architecture description.

The EV-02 is the Master Architecture View for Capability.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


  • keep short
  • use active (doing) voice
  • should be able to be re-used easily by other Enterprises

Avoid including qualifying terms or adding specialism as this makes it increasingly difficult to re-use and therefore impossible to establish what set of systems, for example, realise this capability.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

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